Remove all clutter from your home - buyers may look at the clutter rather then the wonderful features in your home. But don't go overboard and take out everything, we need to keep the home feeling warm and inviting. I always say, " by the time we're done staging you're not going to want to sell." Then I know we've done a great job!:)

My buyers and I have walked into amazing luxury homes in Vancouver, West Vancouver and Point Grey area that were fully staged and I'm sure the owners paid a lot of money for this; however, the fridge was dirty and smelling, the toilets looked they were never cleaned. Windows were so dirty that we couldn't see the views! Cleaning is probably more important than staging itself because the smells and the sight of dirt and debris can discourage a potential offer, again they can't see beyond the distractions. Also, buyers may say, if they didn't clean this place what else have they neglected to do? Keep it Neutral Staging doesn't mean we are professionally redesigning your home. Darker paint, might be replaced with lighter more neutral colours, light fixtures may need to be upgraded or just cleaned. Simple changes can be made like rearranging your furniture, removing the personalized accessories around your home that may not be in everyone's taste. This will help potential buyers to see themselves living in your home rather than walking in and seeing some strangers pictures and items spread out all over the place. You're selling your home, so why not start packing early? All you need to do it pack the personal items that buyers cannot relate to. Enjoy the process and pat yourself on the back when it's all done - but don't forget to up keep the work of art. Every showing and open house the place should be perfect. Just in case your buyer is perfectionist.

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